Laundromat service

Today’s busy life only a few people do laundry himself. Most of have no time, so they are always facing a laundry problem and looking for laundry. If you are looking for Laundry, then get in contact with us. The True Value Dry Cleaner is the huge laundry in Edmonton and offers a wide variety Laundromat service to meet all of your laundry needs. Almost two hundred thousand square feet with Laundromat service and dryers, without having to wait for you will have access to all the machines you need. We do all the work for you to wash and fold, just like going to the Laundromat. First, we sorted your clothes on the behalf of colors, then we separate machines for each customer in the washing and drying their clothes. There is no any chance of color mixing with each other. We do all step-by-step separately.


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